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Easiest Way to Cook Appetizing Smoked salmon paupiette

Easiest Way to Cook Appetizing Smoked salmon paupiette

Smoked salmon paupiette. Smoked Salmon Paupiette, rich creamy mousse wrapped with smoked salmon. Categories: Smoked Salmon Fish Salmon French Recipes European Recipes Wine Recipes Carrot Recipes. Smoke and salmon go together like, well, salmon and smoke.

Smoked salmon and seasonings dress up a flavored cream cheese spread. Salmon can be cold smoked or hot smoked, dry brined or cured in a liquid brine. The salmon in the picture below was brined in liquid, flavored with herbs and spices, and cooked using the hot smoking. You can have Smoked salmon paupiette using 7 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Smoked salmon paupiette

  1. Prepare of smoked salmon.
  2. You need of fish, chicken or veg stock.
  3. It's of gelatine leaf (soaked in cold water).
  4. It's of soft butter.
  5. It's of double cream.
  6. It's of Worcester sauce and tobacco to taste (a few drops).
  7. You need of pepper.

The crab-stuffed salmon paupiette is constructed like chicken Kiev: a chunk of butter mixture (the Cut the salmon into large dice, toss with the smoked salt in small oven-safe bowl, then cover with. Smoked salmon pâté is a tasty & simple salmon recipe. Making homemade smoked salmon pate Making homemade smoked salmon pate from scratch couldn't get any easier. Add half the cream gradually, blending all the time, until.

Smoked salmon paupiette step by step

  1. Squeeze excess water from gelatine leaf and dissolve in the hot stock, divide the salmon 50/50 keeping the bigger slices for the outer layer and the smaller torn pieces for the mousse. Lay a few strips of cling film on your work bench and lay the slices of salmon slightly over lapping to create a rectangle..
  2. Put the trimmings into a food processor with the butter and blitz for about 1 minute until smooth.
  3. Keep the processor running and gradually add the now room temperature stock and gelatine (not too fast) until the mixture is smooth again. Soft whip the cream, then fold the salmon mixture in..
  4. Season the mousse with pepper, Worcester sauce and tobacco, I added some sliced chives (opt) for some colour contrast at this stage. Arrange the mouse along the top edge of the smoked salmon rectangle (leaving an inch border. Lift the cling film and try to roll it over the mousse, you may need to hold it over to encourage the sliced salmon to detach from the cling film and sit neatly onto the mousse..
  5. Lift the other end of the cling film up to meet and overlap the other end of the salmon to create a cylinder..
  6. Twist the ends of cling film to make the cylinder even and tight, leave in the fridge for at least 5 or 6 hours preferably over night before unwrapping and slicing. I served mine with some melba toast and lettuce.... `lovely.
  7. These screen shots are from my Youtube cookery channel feel free to follow link

Homemade Smoked Salmon Dip has an incredible real smoked salmon flavour that you simply can't buy in tubs from the supermarket! Made with cream cheese, lemon, dill and smoked salmon. A simple starter, fresh and rich, that makes a bit more of a pack of smoked salmon - serve instead of pâté on rye or piled into chicory. A very simple recipe that you can make over and over. Smokey, sweet, melt in your mouth salmon that is brined and slow smoked on your Traeger grill.