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How to Make Yummy Agedashi Tofu Mushroom Sauce

How to Make Yummy Agedashi Tofu Mushroom Sauce

Agedashi Tofu Mushroom Sauce. Agedashi Tofu (揚げ出し豆腐) is soft tofu coated with potato starch and deep fried so that the outer shell is crispy. It is typically served with grated daikon, katsuobushi (bonito flakes), scallion, and grated ginger on top. Then Tsuyu (sauce) made of dashi, mirin, and soy sauce is poured over the toppings.

Agedashi Tofu (揚げ出し豆腐) literally means "fried tofu in dashi," and it's one of those magical dishes where a few simple ingredients come together in a harmonizing synergy that elevates the dish from humble to the divine. It's made with blocks of soft tofu that are coated in a thin layer of potato starch. Agedashi Tofu - Deep Fried Japanese Tofu. You can cook Agedashi Tofu Mushroom Sauce using 10 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Agedashi Tofu Mushroom Sauce

  1. You need 500 g of Fresh Momen Tofu *OR medium soft Tofu.
  2. You need of Oil for frying.
  3. Prepare of Potato Starch Flour.
  4. It's 1 of Spring Onion *finely chopped.
  5. Prepare of <Sauce>.
  6. Prepare 1 cup of Dashi Stock *OR 1 cup Water & 1/2 teaspoon Dashi Powder.
  7. It's 100 g of Shiitake, Shimeji or Enoki *OR add as much as you like.
  8. Prepare 4 tablespoons of Soy Sauce.
  9. It's 4 tablespoons of Mirin.
  10. Prepare 1 teaspoon of Potato Starch *mixed with 2 teaspoons Water.

If it isn't, the sauce will not Agedashi Tofu Recipe. Deep fried tofu in a dashi base broth. Agedashi tofu pro-tip: before frying, it's always a good idea to wrap your tofu blocks in paper towels to absorb any excess moisture. This agedashi tofu recipe was adapted from the excellent Japanese cuisine cookbook Harumi Kurihara's Harumi's Japanese cooking.

Agedashi Tofu Mushroom Sauce step by step

  1. Place Tofu on slightly tilted cutting board or plate with a flat-base dish or board as a weight on top, and set aside for 1/2 hour so that excess water would be removed..
  2. Prepare Mushrooms. Slice Shiitake, or tear Shimeji and cut Enoki into smaller pieces..
  3. Place Dashi, Soy Sauce and Mirin into a saucepan, add Mushrooms and cook until Mushrooms are soft. Mix Potato Starch with Water and add it to the sauce gradually until the sauce thickens..
  4. Heat oil to 180℃. Cut Tofu into about 4-5cm size, coat with Potato Starch, and fry until light golden. Drain on a rack or paper towel..
  5. Place Tofu in a bowl and cover with hot mushroom sauce. Sprinkle some chopped Spring Onion and serve..

Agedashi Tofu, which literally means fried dashi tofu (age = fried), is a popular appetiser in Japanese restaurants and Izakayas, the latter being a little like our pubs and tapas bars. It's very popular amongst my students because of its simplicity. While a pretty easy recipe to make, agedashi tofu is also a. Agedashi dōfu (揚げ出し豆腐, "Lightly deep-fried tofu") is a Japanese way to serve hot tofu. Silken (kinugoshi) firm tofu, cut into cubes, is lightly dusted with potato starch or cornstarch and then deep fried until golden brown.